The Lillagaard has 20 rooms on 4 floors, each with their own theme. Check in is 2pm. We welcome children aged 12 and older. All rooms have WiFi, air conditioners, ceiling fans, hair dryers and toiletries. Fifteen of our twenty rooms have a bathroom in the room. Summer Garden, Country French and Tropical Paradise have a private bathroom, outside of your room but, exclusively for your use. Shore Retreat and The Tower share a bathroom.

Here is a quick guide to our rooms;

Single bed rooms;

Blue Delph and Ocean View

Two single bed rooms;

English Country, Rose Room and Country French

Double bed rooms;

Summer Garden and The Tower

Queen bed rooms;

Bird’s Nest, Sweet Magnolia, Little Lilac, Watermelon and Tropical Paradise

Triple room;

Shore Retreat

Queen bed rooms with Ocean View;

Laura’s Room and Flower Market

Queen Suites;

Grape Ivy and Sweet Dreams

King Suites;

Beach Memory, Americana and The Polo Suite



There are 8 outdoor steps to reach our Main floor (living room, reception area). All of our rooms start one floor above the main floor.

First floor, one floor above the Main floor – Bird’s Nest, Sweet Magnolia, Little Lilac, Grape Ivy, Laura’s Room, Rose Room and English Country

Second floor, two floors above the Main floor – Watermelon, Blue Delph, Summer Garden, Sweet Dreams, Flower Market, Country French, Beach Memory

Third floor, three floors above the Main floor – Americana, Shore Retreat, Ocean View, The Polo Suite, Tropical Paradise

Fourth Floor, four floors above the Main floor – The Tower

The Lillagaard